Marty Metro's Speaking Demo

Metro's custom-tailored
Out of the Box series on Innovation, Entrepreneurship
and "Going Green" include:

10 Lessons Learned from Failure
After failing at the first attempt, innovation and determination led the second attempt to become a multi-million dollar, green niche. Looking back, there are at least 10 things NOT to do.

Times are Changin’.
Are you Getting’ Yours?

People, businesses, organizations and the environment are in constant change. Change creates opportunity, but only if you look for it AND act on it!

Business is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.
Yeah, RIGHT!

Components of a successful startup are: Idea, Execution, Profit and Cash Flow. If you can’t generate cash, don’t waste your time on the first three!

Business Planning from Top to Bottom, Left to Right
No business plan is ever “right”. However, a good format will help you see what you need to make, and when, so you know how wrong you are!

Teach a Man to Fish and he MIGHT save the whales.
A successful green business must help itself, before it helps others. Green businesses shouldn’t focus too much on saving the whales until they can pay for their own boat!

* Topics can be tailored to any specific audience/event. Just ask!