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"The only word I can use to describe Marty is he has that "IT" factor. You have to meet and hear him to understand. Our audience ABSOLUTELY LOVED him...he brought an undeniable sense of life and fun to our event. He has the ability to engage in a way that you rarely ever see. It is hard to describe but he is the real deal."
Mitchie Mutyambizi, Marketing Manager, Fidelity One Conferences

“One of the most inspiring leaders that can captivate an audience and at the same time teach, motivate and show the importance of taking charge in life.”
Kyle L. Howell, Walmart ISD Manager

"Marty's business acumen and experiences are brought to life through his honest and forthright approach to audiences."
Leonard Lanzi, Executive Director, Los Angeles Venture Association

"We have welcomed hundreds of great domestic and international speakers at our convention, held every year in Miami Beach. Marty will be always within our TOP TEN list because of his unique charisma, energy in stage and expertise. One of the most engaging speakers I have ever heard!”
Jose A. Garcia, President, MiaGreen Expo & Conference

"With over 30 years running conferences and seminars for the environmental industry, I can truly say without hesitation, Marty Metro is a fantastic speaker. Anyone who faces the responsibility of presenting information, thoughts, ideas, concepts to an audience can rest assured Marty Metro will help achieve their goals. You will not go wrong in having Marty on your program."
Gene Jones, CEO, SWIX, Inc. (Organizers of Waste-to-Fuels Conference & Southeast Recycling Conference)

"Marty Metro is one of the most engaging and dynamic speakers I have witnessed first hand. He leaves his audience always wanting more!"
Stephanie Meittinis, Director, MidAtlantic B2B Green Forum

“Marty is one of the most positive, energetic people I know. His enthusiasm for life is threaded throughout his speaking. You will leave one of his seminars feeling charged to face the world.”
Nancy Desler, Director of Marketing & Design, Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce (Organizers of Good Housekeeping & Walmart Green Expo)


Recent Venues

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
REALgreen Conference and Expo

Bentonville, AR

Go Green Expo
Los Angeles, CA

Green Initiatives Conference
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

International Electronic Recycling Conference
Las Vegas, NV

MidAtlantic B2B Green Forum
Baltimore, MD

Pepperdine University
Malibu, CA

Southeast Recycling Conference
Destin, FL

Towson University
Towson, MD

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Los Angeles, CA

University of Southern California (USC)
Los Angeles, CA

Walmart / Good Housekeeping Green Expo
Bentonville, AR

Walmart's Urban Summit Series
Bentonville, AR